Soft Blue

Hi there!

Ever since I started growing my hair again I’ve been in love with scrunchies. I have been obsessed with these huge ones, in so many different colours and patterns and fabrics and I love how they complete an outfit.

These ones here are the beautiful creations of Jora Slishani, who is an amazing fashion designer that started doing these gorgeous scrunchies. Her creations are beyond beautiful, and I loved being able to have these in my collection which will probably grow in the future.

Here you can see a solid coloured red scrunchie and another one with two colours, a soft, peachy pink and a creamy white that is really unique. Even though they’re big, they are very comfortable on your hair.

Make sure to check her profile and go through her amazing hair accessories and gorgeous dresses that I’m simply in love with.

P.S. There’s more of these coming soon.

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