Bold Black

Hey guys!

As I said last time, today I’m going to post some more of my faaaavourite scrunchies. If you didn’t see my last post go check Soft blue on the first couple of statement scrunchies.

Just like last time, these scrunchies are from the amazing Jora Slishani that makes the best scrunchies out there. You should 100% check her amazing work, since she totally elevates the whole scrunchie game to the next level. This one here is made from a thicker fabric, almost like some sort of black and white denim, and I just love how it perfectly matched my black denim jeans.

Some very high quality scrunchies for a super edgy look.

Me and my sisters wear them all the time and nothing seams to cause any sign of wear, which is a maaaaajor plus in my book. So you know that when you buy these ones, you’ll end up using them for a very long time (so I hope!). As for the rest of the look here, I’m wearing the gorgeous pearl top from Oyster Accessories on top of a Zara black blazer, and Guess mom jeans, all of these paired with these amazingly chunky Vagabond platform sandals.

See you on the next one,


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